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Valerie Corral - 2

that we see it around us, and that we see it in others. It’s not something anybody can do for the rest of the world, or lead the rest of the world into. We are infinitely fortunate beings to have these possibilities in front of us right now.

David: Why do you think it’s important to question authority?

Valerie: It depends on what the authority is saying. It’s important to question it if you have questions, if your experience and the information that you hold in your heart makes you question it. If the questions are raised it’s important to ask them. It doesn’t really matter who you ask them to, but we want to ask them of who we have the questions. It just seems natural doesn’t it?

David: What gives you hope?

Valerie: Oh, you know there’s really only hope. I live in this perfect world. I live in this amazing world. What reason would there be to not be full of hope? Because I see it everywhere around me. I see people facing death, and I see them hoping. I see them knowing that there’s something greater. I see them witnessing greatness in their own lives. And, in my own life, I can see great fortune everywhere I look around me. It’s just beautiful. We are alive in an extraordinary time, where everything is possible

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