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Valerie Corral - 2

good opportunity right now to do that. We have a really great opportunity.

David: What do you think is the biggest threat to the human species?

Valerie: Fear. Being self-serving.

David: Assuming that we do survive, how do you envision the future evolution of the human race?

Valerie: Oh, I don’t mind how it comes out. You know, three breasts (laughter), one blue eye, one green eye. I don’t mind. I’m just hopeful that we won’t hurt each other, and that what we create we create out of love and kindness. Certainly being able to dissolve whatever ideas I come up with are pretty important in the realization of that. I think it’s important that we all dissolve our notions of what we think we know is best or right, or how it should be. I think it’s a pretty perfect world. But in all of its madness and suffering, what’s so perfect about it? This moment-that we can be in that vastness. There’s possibilities all around us at anytime. I don’t think I’d either congratulate nor blame humanity for what comes next. But I think that in our longing, and through the faith and belief that we can achieve a sense of goodness now, gives us the possibility to do it. I think it’s really important

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