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Valerie Corral - 2

most natural thing. I would say that my observations lead me to think that it’s kind of a dissolution, but I don’t think there’s a distinction between who I am and what I dissolve into. Will I still know that I’m dissolved after it happens? Will I know that I’m part of something greater? Will I feel that? I have. So that’s what I think.

David: What is your perspective on the concept of God?

Valerie: I don’t really speak about God. When we talk about God I think that we talk in riddles. I don’t have a relationship with God as though God is something separate from myself. And yet, on this day-the eve of the resurrection [Easter Sunday]-I feel like there’s a possibility for anything. It’s a resurrection of my own ability to be able to observe what can be done. It’s not even my ability-it’s beyond it. Anything seems possible. I don’t really see �the God’, and I don’t relate to �the God’. I think of it in terms of metaphor. I don’t have an Almighty. I think maybe God is who you always give it away to, and as long as you can give it away, you don’t need to have it be a particular god. It’s an allowance maybe.

David: How has your experience with psychedelics influenced your perspective on life?

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