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Valerie Corral - 2

commanded us to lie on the floor. They cuffed us and held guns to our heads. 

A paraplegic WAMM board member who sleeps with an assisted breathing device was staying at my home. She was awakened at gun-point by five agents, handcuffed, and ordered to stand, which she is physically incapable of doing. Officers brought me to the other house on the land, leaving my friend behind. Knowing the severity of her condition, I pleaded with them to remove her handcuffs and bring her to where we were being detained. Eventually they did so and I noticed that she was experiencing difficulty in breathing. She mentioned that she was also experiencing chest pain and her blood pressure was dangerously high.
Outside our home, officers raided our collective garden used to cultivate medical marijuana. The agents tore from the ground and seized 160 of WAMM’s marijuana plants and seven plants growing in my personal vegetable garden. They also seized numerous allotments of marijuana that had been pre-sorted for correct patient dosages and were kept in assigned envelopes. Additionally, they took various pieces of  property including personal laptops, and photographs. They also took several documents, including a list of patients’ and caregivers’ names and contact information. The confiscation of WAMM’s medicine has had a devastating effect on our ability to serve patients and to

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