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Valerie Corral - 2

I don’t see that as being any different from what I might seek in any practice, like if I’m practicing to speak in front of people, to play music, to write, to cook, to dance, or to be in church and feel the fullness. I don’t know what all of us are doing, but I think people want to feel good. People want to feel better. And that’s really an important part of creating a kinder collective, a kinder neighborhood, a kinder society, a kinder world-more allowance and more tolerance. And do I think marijuana is the answer to that? No, of course not. I  don’t say that. But I see that it offers people a remarkable capacity for opening their consciousness-if we want to do that, if we’re not too afraid. 

It doesn’t even have to be what somebody wants to do with it. I know many people who use marijuana and absolutely do not get altered. They use it for a specific reason, for a specific purpose, for the moment where they relieve the pain, and that’s it. They don’t go beyond that place, because to do that is not effective for them. So I’m really talking about something else. I’m talking about the importance of consciousness. The reason that I talk about this is because I look at this moment in a big picture. This a moment to laugh, but it’s also a moment to practice for the moment of death-because the little death in this moment allows us to let go.

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