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Valerie Corral - 2

does, I feel that this is the most important to speak about-because this is where we find opposition around us. Marijuana alters our consciousness. People might react when they hear that it gets you high, or that you just want to feel better. What are people to think? What are young people to think if they see you trying to change the way you feel for only recreational reasons? Well, it’s hard to separate those things when you’re ill. It’s hard to separate feeling better from feeling good. And isn’t that really the intention of all of us in our lives-to have a better life, to do better, to feel better?

I think it’s a practice. It is a tool, and this tool can be even more profoundly effective by using it to open or awaken your consciousness. I think that that is probably its most profound ability. It offers the most profound opportunity. When you don’t feel well-when you’re vomiting, or when you’re in pain-and you take something to alleviate that pain, and then it starts leaving… leaving… leaving. The difference between not feeling good and feeling good is in and of itself a high. It’s more than a gift. It is a wonderful feeling. It is elating, and it can produce great joy in somebody-to not feel good, and to feel good. To take that step into feeling better-wow, isn’t that great? Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that a high?

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