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Valerie Corral - 2

altered the way I thought, we were arrested. 

The point is that it is more important for governments to control how we think we are being treated, than to offer treatment that would allow us the freedom to explore how to treat ourselves. Safety and efficacy are argued, and I agree that these are important factors in determining pharmacological treatment. It’s the big pharmaceutical picture. But approaching illness and its treatment through a patient’s perception is the doorway to healing. And finding a way to fiddle with it, to tweak it, to inspire a patient toward healing, is the key. It is essential in healing the body and healing the spirit. 

This is sacred ground, because this is all about the way we think. I see this all the time in WAMM, as many patients are involved in growing, producing, making the “Mother’s Milk”, the capsules, the muffins, the confections, the hash, the oil, the kif. Involvement in any part of the process seems to have a really positive effect. People get away from their own pain. They share the moment. We open our eyes to what is the same about us all. At first that’s the suffering. But soon we-well, most of us anyway-will see that we are all living the same path, wandering around, trying to figure out how to feel better and not to be tricked by our illnesses into suffering only. We can

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