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Valerie Corral - 2

collective-to mix it up. It changes what we are used to. Like my friend Robert Anton Wilson says, what you do everyday becomes your habit. 

Around a hundred and forty of our friends have died, and in the nineteen months since the raid twenty-three have danced right on out of here. And we have to find a place for our grief, so that we make room for dying to be okay. Ram Dass constantly reminds us take another perspective, without the expectation of how death should look. It’s a challenge and it’s an honor. And while I have had the opportunity to sit with many of my friends, I honestly know nothing about death-though I sure am getting good at wiping butts and just hanging out. It’s good practice. I can’t say for certain, but it appears to me that the way we live is the way we die. Having observed this offers me some strange sense of comfort when I think of George Bush and John Ashcroft. Ah, that would be the evil Val saying that.

David: You were instrumental in getting the provision drafted into proposition 215 which allows patients and their caregivers to grow their own marijuana. Can you explain why this was so important?

Valerie: Being a patient myself allowed me an insight into the inflated cost of marijuana, a price that has been arbitrarily assigned

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