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Valerie Corral - 2

it, the larger it became, until I was driving around town with a trunk full of medicine that we grew, giving it away. It is important to know that Mike and I have been growing and breeding marijuana for nearly thirty years, and Mike is a genius in the garden. I began spending the afternoons with the most extraordinary people, most of whom happened to be dying. It was a humble beginning. Those folks in our original group have long ago jumped out of this life into whatever lay beyond, but not without leaving behind precious jewels of teaching. WAMM is made up of the most courageous people, my mentors.

WAMM became an alternative service in our community. So we needed to find a larger place where we could conduct our weekly Support and Supply meetings. At one time the Santa Cruz City Council allowed us to conduct them at the Community Center. We grew to total two hundred and fifty before the September 5, 2002 raid. Intimacy is a very important part of the success of our organization. Smaller cares better. In this way we notice each other, we see that, while we may come initially for the medicine, it is not long before we recognize ourselves in each other. There is so much that we share because we are both so diverse and yet we share similarities. 

But there’s a balance, as we also felt that there were more possibilities in a bigger

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