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Valerie Corral - 2

over a clutter of feet, out of the pew, fumbling toward the door. It closed behind me, and I was free. I laid down in the snow and then-whoosh!-I was soaring. I just laid there. I was free and I felt utterly divine, or something like I imagined divine to be. After that Catechism seemed like an assault, an attempt to minimize my thoughts, to make me smaller, afraid. The Church and the government are alike in that way.

David: How old were you when you had that experience?

Valerie: Nearly fourteen, just pubescent.

David: How did you first learn about the medicinal benefits of marijuana?

Valerie: Oh, that was Mike’s insatiable curiosity. He, of course, wanted the best for me, for me to be well, and he was overwhelmed. After my car accident in 1973, which left me epileptic, he had been my sole caregiver. He was there for me around the clock, serving and rescuing me from one disaster after another. The difficulty that my illness presented in his life, in our lives, called for some kind of change. He was my devoted caregiver and none of this, not my life nor wellness, would be possible without his courage, service and love. He saved my life and offered me hope where there was none. I was so sick.

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