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Robert Anton Wilson - 2

“is” A. it “is” not A, it “is” both A and not A, it “is” neither A nor not A].

But, as an extraordinarily stupid fellow, I can’t use such systems until I reduce them to terms a simple mind like mine can handle, so I just preach that we’d all think and act more sanely if we had to use “maybe” a lot more often. Can you imagine a world with Jerry Falwell hollering “Maybe Jesus â€?was’ the son of God and maybe he hates Gay people as much as I do”-or every tower in Islam resounding with “There â€?is’ no God except maybe Allah and maybe Mohammed â€?is’ his prophet”?

David: Why do you think politics on this planet is such a huge mess, and human beings are so violent towards one another?

Bob: Because most people have never heard of maybe logic and live in an either/or world, which applied to ethics and social policy becomes a good/evil world. Human vanity then determines that all the damned eejit always put themselves in the good position and anybody who disagrees in the evil. Look at any literary/politics journal-any journal of the nonscientific “intelligentsia”-and you’ll see that they all sound as medieval as George W. Bush or Osama bin Laden. Violence comes of self-righteousness and self-righteousness comes of right/wrong logic, without maybes.

David A photo of you recently appeared on the front page of The New York Times that showed you receiving medical marijuana from the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) in front

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5 comments to Robert Anton Wilson - 2

  • Eric Wagner

    Great interview. It brings Bob back to life a bit. I wonder what he would make of Twitter and the Obama presidency, etc.

  • Eric Wagner

    Ahah! I just saw the “awaiting moderation” comment. Interestingly it has the date November 22 (Andre Gide’s birthday) whereas here in California I perceive it as November 21 (Earl Monroe’s birthday). Anyway, great interview!

  • […] —¿Por quĂ© crees que la polĂ­tica de este planeta es tan desastrosa y por quĂ© crees que los seres humanos son tan violentos los unos con los otros? —Porque mucha gente no ha oĂ­do nunca de la lĂłgica del quizás y viven en un mundo de y/o, lo que aplicado a la Ă©tica y a las polĂ­ticas sociales hace que el mundo se convierta en una cuestiĂłn de bien/mal. Entonces la vanidad humana determina que todos los idiotas se coloquen en la posiciĂłn que corresponde a lo bueno y dejen a aquellos que no están de acuerdo en la de lo malo. (…) La violencia procede de la gente que se cree moralmente superior, y esta superioridad moral viene muchas veces de la lĂłgica de lo bueno/malo, sin quizás alguno. —Robert Anton Wilason en esta recientemente publicada entrevista. […]

    • admin

      Estoy feliz de anunciar, publicar esto, pero yo no hablo español, así que lo siento pero no puedo hablar de forma inteligente al respecto. Tal vez alguien te responderá. Espero que esta traducción no es demasiado patética.

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