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John E. Mack - 2

say. I always see them after the experiences, and I’ve never felt the need to prep somebody for what they should do when it’s happening-whether they should turn to the wall, or let go. I don’t think it makes a ot of difference, as long as they know that this is something familiar, that they’re not alone, and they’re not the only person who has ever had this. They kind of improvise.

See, the thing is, these questions get so literal, and they don’t go anywhere for me. I don’t know why, but they just don’t. I mean, certainly the experience is real, but the person just goes through whatever they go through. I mean, they’re paralyzed. They’re frightened. They’re glad to see the beings or whatever. But it just is what it is, they do what they do. I mean, it’s not as if you could prepare for them. The only preparation I’ve ever known how to do is to be available to the possibility that they’re not insane, that this is familiar, and a mystery. They use their own judgment in what to do during the experience, but its helpful just to know that they’re still legitimate members of the human race.

David: What advice would you give to someone who believes him or herself to be experiencing the trauma from a past abduction experience?

John: When people come to me they usually will say things to me like, I know this sounds crazy, you don’t think I’m crazy do you? They may talk about a number of spiritual experiences that they had of being returned to, and connected with, the Source, or they may feel that they have a double human and alien identity, or they will sometimes open up to past life experiences- none of which is congenial to them. In other words, it’s not something that they would have believed. But there’s a way that this opens people up to a whole variety of experiences that seem to emanate from what I was referring to earlier as the daimonic realm- the realm of unseen agency, the realm in which consciousness is separate from the brain- and they begin to have many such unusual experiences.

When they say things to me like, I know you’re going to think this is crazy, but here’s what happened, I just listen, and I try to get the history of the experiences. I don’t tell the person that I can make this not happen, and I don’t tell them it’s just in their head because they may themselves have seen UFO’’s or their children may have. Small children may have reported to them that they were taken or approached by these beings. So I listen and say that I don’t understand this either, but I’ve had many people tell me similar stories. I assure them that they’re not the only person that’s had these experiences, and that it doesn’t fit into any kind of psychiatric syndrome that I know of. I listen carefully for the physical evidence, and we explore that. I’ll find out if other family members have also had experiences. I just basically try to help the person feel less isolated with it. Sometimes I’ll caution the person to be careful who they talk to about it because most people- even though now this has been in the media a lot- in the culture are still not open to it.

David: How can the abduction experience be part of a larger psychologically or spiritually transformative process?

John: In a certain sense, it becomes clear if you turn it around. In other words, it’s a kind of constricting hubris to have come to the place where all that exists is a material world. It is our birthright to know something beyond the material world. We’ve treated the universe like it was just dead material- you know, matter and energy. If these beings do reflect some kind of intelligence in another dimension, then when they show up for people, the people don’t have any choice but to acknowledge their reality. This then begins a very powerful psychological opening process for them so that they then come to realize that we are connected with much more- not just with these beings, but other energies, other entities. And it begins a kind of enlightenment process which can be very disturbing, but they come to realize that the universe is an intelligent realm, not just a physical fact.

David: What are some of the common psychological and spiritual features that you’ve noticed in how the abduction phenomenon appears to transform people over time?

John: When I first began to work with people who’d had the encounter experiences my focus was on how remarkable this was that people were being seemingly contacted by strange beings, or at least so it seemed. So there was kind of a-”isn’t this amazing?” factor. But then, as I got more deeply into it, and began to meet with medicine men and other people from indigenous cultures, and other parts of the world, I began to realize that this was only a gee-wiz matter in terms of the

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