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John E. Mack - 2

happened to children in their school yard. First they may hear a humming, or experience some kind of intense light which they can’t account for. They may become paralyzed, and might lose consciousness at that point, or they might not. Then they find themselves being transported by some strange energy, and they see one or more odd humanoid-looking beings that accompany this strange energy. Those beings typically take them up into the sky and into some sort of enclosure. They might or might not see a UFO up close.

Then, inside the enclosure, there are other beings busily doing things with what sometimes looks like computer equipment. The walls of the enclosure are rounded. There may be a somewhat damp feeling and a dank smell. There is usually some figure- who is a little larger and older than the ones that brought them up-that they would call the “doctor” or the “leader”, who seems to give instructions to the others. Then one is subjected to a variety of intrusive procedures, which could be quite painful. This usually involves staring into the big black eyes of these beings. They may probe body orifices in the ear, nose, eye, or anus. Sometimes people feel that there’s some kind of brain surgery being done on them. But most particularly there is some kind of reproductive or sexual activity, where sperm is forcefully taken from the men, or eggs from women. Then a complex kind of reproductive sequence occurs in this and subsequent experiences. The literature is now filled with this sort of thing, but it wasn’t when I first heard about it.

Now, all of this is told with emotions quite appropriate to what they’re saying. It is often recalled without hypnosis, although sometimes it comes more easily with a relaxation procedure. I think it’s important to stress that much of this is recalled without hypnosis, because sometimes people say that it’s all suggestion by hypnosis or something like that. A good part of these accounts are recalled without any special relaxation effort. The relaxation exercise tends to help with the recall, or fill-out what the person reports having experienced, but in my experience does not introduce anything into the mix. The initial abduction experience may be followed by subsequent abductions, with the person taken back aboard the ship to see hybrid offspring, which they are told are their own. They are asked to hold and to nurture these hybrid infants, because these beings have come to realize that the offspring don’t do well on the ships- or wherever they are- without this. Until recently they didn’t understand that these alien-human hybrid offspring require some kind of mothering or nurturing to survive. So they ask the human mothers to hold these creatures.

Another common feature is some kind of mind-to-mind telepathic communication, which is a kind of confrontation with ourselves. In other words, people are confronted with the fate of the earth. They’re shown scenes of the destruction of the earth, or apocalyptic images of portions of the earth being destroyed, and are told that the world can not go on in the way that we’re living on it- treating the planet like it belongs to our species alone. So there’s this strong kind of confrontation with ourselves. Now, of course, there’s controversy around that.

Some researchers think this is all just a kind of deception to test our reactions. But in my experience, with the people I work with, it is an important part of a process. Another important feature might be called consciousness expansion, or spiritual transformation, which grows out of the acknowledgment of this other reality. In other words, the trauma is one thing, but more fundamental is that the experiencer acknowledges that these beings are real. This has a tendency to, as one man put it to me recently, “bring me to my knees.” In other words, it shatters the notion that we’re a preeminent intelligence in the cosmos. The realization that there are mysterious forces, and beings who, in some ways, are more knowledgeable, powerful, or able than we are, is brought home very strongly. Initially it creates a great anxiety, but if it can be accepted, then it can be a kind of maturing experience.

I think the movie Independence Day capitalizes on the underlying anxiety that surrounds the whole abduction phenomenon. There’s a man in the film played by Randy Quaid who is abducted, and he ends up in a kind of suicidal kamikaze ride up the bottom of a huge spacecraft with his airplane. He’s the one who’s been traumatized through abduction himself, and went from being a Gulf War pilot to a failing alcoholic crop duster. So he avenges and vindicates himself, and in a sense his abduction experience, because he’s the sexually-traumatized abductee in the film. The film is really a commercial exploitation of the underlying anxiety that something is upon us here that we don’t

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