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John Allen

to be all those things. As a playwright or a drama teacher you can accelerate it even more because if you have fifteen people in an acting class or fifteen characters in a play, you can multiple yourself by fifteen.

I entitled my book about Biosphere 2 `The Human Experiment.’ Human beings can come and go, but the biosphere will outlive us all. The real experiment is, can human beings become not a parasite but a symbiote. Can human beings learn to do their duty to the biosphere and take it into space? The biosphere is doomed when the sun explodes. To be a human being is the highest state that we know in the universe, except to be a biosphere, which is beyond our capacity. But it is in our capacity to be the brain and the conscience of the biosphere, to be its self-reflective point.

David: Do poetry and theater still play a part in your life?

John: Oh, of course. I have my third book of poems coming out; it’s called Mysteries. In a way I think that mystery is the highest of all values. Beauty attracts, but mystery… lures.

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