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Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw

to be the easiest thing to get it approved for, and then later on, in the course of medical practice, doctors discover other uses for the drug. There are many drugs that have a common off- label use, that is, a use for which a drug was not approved, yet is common in medical practice. That doesn’t mean that the company selling the drug is permitted to tell anybody about it, or even to tell doctors. In the treatment of cancer, for example, forty percent of patients who receive chemotherapy receive at least one drug that is being used for an off-label use. This is because that use is actually an effective way of using that drug, but it’s not something that the company selling the drug is permitted to educate people about.

Durk: And as result there’s a greater risk that the doctor will use the drug inappropriately, at the wrong dose, or at the wrong time in a sequence of drugs, because he has to find out about it on a golf course, rather than from a paper sent out by the pharmeceutical manufactuer, which gives the results of a double- blind placebo-controlled experiment.

David: What sort of supplements would you suggest to someone looking to improve their sex life?

Durk: Oh, I’d say take an arginine-choline-B-5 supplement about thirty minutes before sex, and, boy, you will find out how nutrients can affect sex. The mechanism for erections in males, and the analogous increase in the blood flooding into vaginal tissue in the woman, is due to the release of nitric oxide.Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that makes muscles contract, and it also activates an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase, which manufactures nitric oxide from the nutrient amino acid arginine. Arginine is the only nutrient that can be used to make nitric oxide.

When you get that cholinergic signal, the nitric oxide causes vasodilation (opening of blood vessels), which allows the corpus cavernosum in the penis, and the blood vessels in the vagina, to become engorged with blood causing an erection. You will be very pleasantly surprised to find out what happens if youtake an arginine-choline-B-5 supplement about half an hour before sex. The results can be quite dramatic. Also, I might add, arginine has been used to increase fertility in male agricultural animals since the 1950′s.

Sandy: It’s been known since the fifties, that you can increase sperm counts dramatically in male animals by giving them arginine supplements. It’s been particularly used for prize animals that are going to be the father of many offspring, and need to be reproductively competent for a long time.

David: What role do think the mind plays in health and illness?

Durk: Oh, it’s tremendous. The mind controls biochemically and electrically a tremendous amount of what happens in your body. For example, the brain gives orders to the thymus gland, which is the heart of your T-cell immune system. People who are depressed, for whatever reason, have a much higher chance of dying. I was just reading that in the latest The Lancet I believe it was, that people in the highest quintile of depression scores have about five times the chance of dying- from all causes- than people in the lowest quintile.

Sandy: Actually, it’s a paper we haven’t had a chance to read yet, but we saw a review of it in Science News. What they talked about was not people who were depressed, but people who had very high levels of hopelessness- who just didn’t think that there was any hope or any future for them. It went beyondjust being depressed. And those people had a very high risk of suffering a very severe illness.

Durk: In fact, I think any physician will tell you that the number one factor in prognosis, if a person’s diagnosed with cancer, is how they react to it- if they give up, chances are they’re going to die.

Sandy: That’s right. If they fight it, and remain actively resisting, then they’ve got a much better chance.

David: I recently interviewed Timothy Leary, who’s dying right now of prostate cancer. He told me that he thought that “fighting” was a terrible metaphor for

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