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Joseph Knoll

among living organisms, because it helps to eliminate the individuals who already fulfilled their duty in nurturing the new generation.

For the time being the prestigious task-the maintenance of the mesencephalic enhancer regulation during the postdevelopmental phase of life on the enhanced level characteristic of developmental longevity-cannot be fully accomplished. However, it is already feasible to modestly slow the age-related decay of the catecholaminergic and trace-aminergic tone in the brain via the prophylactic administration of one milligram of deprenyl daily.
The development of BPAP-a synthetic mesencephalic enhancer substance that is at least hundred times more potent than deprenyl-is by itself a hint that our present knowledge about the mesencephalic enhancer regulation is in a very early stage. The high potency of BPAP indicates already that much more potent natural enhancer substances than PEA and tryptamine might exist. Better understanding of mesencephalic enhancer regulation promises to develop more efficient techniques in the future to slow brain aging and prolong human life beyond the TLSh. According to my judgment, this is the only physiologically well-founded, feasible antiaging therapy that I foresee coming along in the future that has a chance, in the long run, to remain the method to continuously improve the quality, and prolong the duration, of human life.

We shall never forget that humans obviously cannot change natural laws, but by discovering their mechanisms of action they learn to make use of this knowledge. By conquering gravitation man stepped across his naturally given limit and ultimately landed on the moon. By conquering the age-related decline of the mesencephalic enhancer regulation man might in the future step across also this naturally given limit and extend human life span beyond the TLSh.

David: What are you currently working on?

Dr. Knoll: My ambition is to develop a more efficient compound than deprenyl for slowing the age-related decay of the mesencephalic enhancer regulation, and to detect the envisioned unknown mesencephalic enhancer substances, expected to be several thousand times more active than PEA or tryptamine. Currently we are trying to clarify in more detail the pharmacological spectrum of BPAP-our newly developed, tryptamine-derived, synthetic mesencephalic enhancer substance.

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