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Jacob Teitelbaum

bedtime also helps.

Melatonin helps too, but only one half milligram. A half milligram is all it takes to totally bring a low melatonin level up to normal, and the studies show that for most people that low dose is every bit as effective as a higher dose for sleep. I have concerns when someone starts taking a massive dosage of hormones. Even if they’re natural, I don’t think one should take a dose that brings us above what the body normally would have.
David: Are there any other herbal remedies that you would recommend for treating chronic fatigue syndrome in general?

Jacob: Oh, there’s a whole host of things. If you go on my web site at, and click on “treatment protocol”. It’s the bottom link on the left. And if you go through it section-by-section-for sleep, for treating yeast, for treating pain-you’ll see dozens of different herbals that are recommended, and how to use them.

David: Are you familiar with Jay Goldstein’s work, and his book Tuning the Brain?  What are you thoughts regarding his ideas about neurosomatic medicine, and his approach to treating chronic fatigue syndrome by reconfiguring neural networks through pharmacologic modulation?

Jacob: Oh yeah, Jay is brilliant. Jay and I used to tease each other-you know the story of the five blind men and the elephant? They go feel around, and one feels the back leg and says, “it’s a tree trunk.” The other other felt the trunk of elephant and said, “no, it’s a snake.” And one felt nothing at all and said “you’re all crazy.” That’s what it’s like in chronic fatigue syndrome. I tease that I have the left thigh and leg of the elephant, and Jay’s got the trunk. He’s working specifically on the brain chemistry to alter things downstream, and the good thing about that is you’ll sometimes see dramatic effects with a single medication.

The downside is that since you’re goosing one part of the system, but not bringing up the rest of the system, the benefits often tend to wear off over time. With my approach it takes more treatments, but you’re actually fixing the problem. But Jay is brilliant, and his work is wonderful. He just got burnt out because he just ran into so much opposition from the medical system, the National Institute of Health (NIH) groups, those kind of things. They are so resistant to any change that does not come from within the NIH or academia, and certainly if it comes from natural remedies.

Their resistance is like a religious faith, and I applaud their religious faith, but what they’re doing is religion, it’s not science. Their blind faith against anything natural takes on a fervor of heavy-duty fundamentalism, and I honor and I appreciate their faith. I just think that the people who want to use natural remedies have the right to their religious beliefs too. The science supports the use of the natural remedies. So Jay got the same kind of slamming from them, and he finally just gave up.
David: What advice would you give to someone to help them find a physician who understands conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia?

Jacob: Go on my Web site. I see people from all over the world, but it’s two to four hours for a new patient visit, and I only see people five or six days a month, because the rest of the time I’m teaching. But the Web site has the tools that everybody needs. I actually hold the patent on a computerized physician. If you go to the patent office, I’m the one that has it for computerized doctor, because we needed that to reach six million people. So people can go on the web site, put in a detailed history, put in their lab tests (and get a prescription for the lab tests to take to their local lab if their doctor won’t give them one), and it will analyze all of that, make a complete medical record of their case, and tell them exactly what they need to do to get well, because treatment is different for everyone. If you have a hundred people you could have a hundred different treatment protocols, so it tailors the treatment to each individual case.

Then there’s also two referral lists on the Web site. One list is of doctors who want to see people with chronic fatigue syndrome. We don’t charge people to be put on the list, so one list is anybody who just wants to see people. Many of these people are clueless, but at least they want to see people with CFS, as opposed to the physicians who start crossing themselves and running out of the room if they hear you’ve got chronic fatigue syndrome. Then the second list gives the people that I’ve trained, who have done two or four day workshops, and that group has at least gotten the basic foundation and training. So people can go online from anywhere around the world, and see who’s in their area.

David: What are your thoughts about human longevity, and what do you think are the best ways to slow down the human aging process?
Jacob: We often talk about humans causing more mass extinctions than any other lifeform in history, but that’s not correct. The life form that caused the most mass extinctions in the history  of the planet, that we know of at least, is algae-because algae made this incredibly toxic substance that they put into the environment called oxygen. Now oxygen is very oxidative. If you put oxygen with iron it rusts and becomes iron oxide. So oxygen is very toxic and it causes wear and tear. Now the species that survived were adaptive enough to actually not just learn how to live in an oxygen-rich environment, but how to use it to make energy. It’s a little bit like in Judo, where you turn your opponent’s force to your own advantage.

So a couple of things if you want to stay young and live very long-or as I put it, if you want to die very young very late in life. Number one is sleep, because studies show that things that raise growth hormone can slow aging. For example, if you have sex three times a week you look ten years younger. This is from a study out of Scotland, and it was postulated that that’s because of the growth hormone release. So if you want to increase your growth hormone, get deep sleep, get exercise, and have sex. That’s how you raise growth hormone naturally. I don’t like growth hormone shots because I’m not convinced of the safety. They’re also expensive, and they’re a pain. So raise it naturally by following the “rough” prescription that I just gave you.

Two, get good nutritional support. The antioxidants are critical. The vitamin powder-the Energy Revitalization System- is a real easy way to do that, so you get solid overall nutritional support. You’re not going to get it out of a single tablet. Too much has been pulled out of our diet for that, and there’s too much stress on the body. So get solid nutrition. Then the T in T.H.I.N.S. is toxins, so detox. It doesn’t mean that you need to avoid every toxin. You can’t do that in the American environment-it’s pretty much impossible. But don’t spray a can of bug spray in your house for God’s sake. That’s poison. That’s why it kills bugs. There are safer ways to control pests, like by using boric acid.

We had this big line of ants coming into my house recently because they found the cat food bowl. So we could have sprayed the hell out of them, which would have kept them away for about two days, and then killed us more than them. But we just put the cat bowl in a bigger dish that had water in it, so the ants couldn’t get to it because there’s a little moat around it. So you can poison yourself, or you can just use common sense.

I often gave lectures in the schools to the third graders on nutrition. When I was first starting this practice, I would say that there’s a very simple rule of thumb-if you can’t read what’s in the ingredients because the words are so complicated, don’t eat it. If the ingredient list says that it contains chemicals with names that start with something like tiulated, futalated, hydroxy, or whatever it is, then avoid it. Also avoid sugar. But words like flour and milk-you can read that. But these big long chemical names, that’s probably not very good for you. So just use common sense with it, but don’t make yourself nuts.

So avoid heavy toxins, get the hormonal support that really prolongs life, add nutritional support and sleep, and those are the key things basically. There’s a concept that I call Vitality 101, which says, feed your body-get proper nutrition, avoid sugar, and get plenty of water. Use your body-get exercise and have sex, things like that. And rest your body-get eight to nine hours sleep a night. And if you do that, you can die very young very late in life. These things are not hard to do. There’s a policy that I have-you never take away something that’s giving a person pleasure without substituting something equally pleasurable. So, for example, I’m going to say avoid sugar, but I’m going to add the three magic words-except for chocolate. I think chocolate is a healthy food, and so are other things that give you joy. I’ll tell you the fourth thing for Vitality 101, which is the most important for staying young and alive late in life-follow your bliss. This means do what feels good.

David: What advice would you give to someone who is looking to improve their mental performance?

Jacob: Again, nutritional support and sleep are critical. Then, if they have low thyroid the brain is not going to work very well. If they’re tired, achy, gaining weight, and cold-intolerant, they probably have low thyroid. So start with the vitamin powder. It’ll have a dramatic effect on giving your brain what it needs to

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