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Garry Gordon

control, and successfully repair the ten billion cells we have to make each day. When we do these gene tests, and we and look at the methylation genes-there are forty different ones, from the MTHFR and the VDR to the COMT-we find that there are what we call single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs, that are abnormal. The more of these that someone has, the sooner the person will have serious aging and or other illnesses.

But we can modulate those genes by telling the person that he or she has this defect. For example, if you have a defect with COMT, and you’re COMT- , this means that you can not excrete heavy metals. So we have to do this to you, and we’re going to put you on these kind of products. And you have a defect in methylation, so we’re going to give you some RNA products that will help to handle that, and you may need lots of methyl donors, such as  trimethylglycine, methylsulfonmethane, and the lists go on. But we live in a New Age today. I’m certainly planning on practicing when I’m age one hundred, and I’m really very confident that we can all live to a hundred and twenty years of age. I believe that we’re all entitled to it, if we merely take care of this incredible machine-our body-have some respect for it, and begin to understand something about how it works.

David: What are some of the new anti-aging treatments that you foresee coming along in the near future?

Dr. Gordon: The number one anti-aging treatment that I see is that everyone is going to have to maintain cleanliness, because if we all have dioxin PCBs, lead, mercury, etc., we have to detox everybody. That’s simple. Number two, everybody today is infected. If you become an expert on infections you realize that it’s not just the avian flu that we should be worried about, and it’s not the Ebola virus. It’s the infections we all carry around in our bodies today, and that includes everything from the Epstein Barr virus to Herpes to mycoplasma to chlamydia. Everybody alive today is filled with infections.

So my anti-aging programs involve, essentially, one, that I adequately nutrify the body, because no one that I test today has adequate levels of selenium to offset the huge levels of heavy metals that are in our bodies. No one has adequate levels of magnesium. No one is getting adequate levels of vitamin D. The levels of vitamin C are far too low. So we have to do the nutrification. Then we have to do the detoxification, which would be dealing with the heavy metals, as well as lowering the level of dioxin PCBs, etc., getting people into organic foods, getting them to eat right for their blood type, and all these simple things.

Then we have to look at lowering the total body burden of pathogens. It’s in mainstream literature (Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association) that the higher the level of pathogens that you have-like chlamydia, CMV, or any of these other things-the sooner you will die. So, obviously, we don’t have drugs that handle all of those kinds of stealth infections that are in everybody today, so I use oxidative therapies. This includes everything from high-dose vitamin C, to things like ozone ultraviolet blood irradiation, immune modulation, and other therapies that we can use  so that you can help lower the total body burden of these infections.

Then, the last thing, which I am very excited about, is genetic testing. I’m now having all of my patients do gene tests which show the number of SNPs they will have out of forty. I had one person come back with thirty-one abnormalities out of forty. That person obviously was not functioning well. That was an autistic child. But when we see what the problem is, then we can get the child back to full functioning, going back to normal school, etc. So once you know what’s wrong you can correct for it.

Then, once you’ve optimized the body, stem cells are going to be extremely important. We have people using magnetic field therapies, sleeping on magnetic pads that allow their body to much more efficiently carry out the heavy metals, as well as turn on the switch to make our own stem cells-because we’re loaded with stem cells. If you fall down and tear all the skin off your arm, you’ll cry about it, but you know the skin is going to come back. So we have stem cells in our brain. We have stem cells everywhere. One safe switch to turn it on seems to be putting people into a strong magnetic field, which, of course, would be like a converted MRI. I can have people go back to full functioning, even though they’ve told they need a heart transplant. We do that all the time. We cancel heart transplants routinely.

We’re very close to being able to do that with people who might have needed a brain transplant, because their brain is not working properly, but we can let our body do that with our stem cells, and increasingly stem cells will become available. The University of Oregon is doing some studies right now, working with very handicapped children, and the day is coming rapidly that we will all have access to affordable stem cell infusions that will work dramatically. But they’re going to work much more dramatically in people who have chosen to optimize their body by dealing with all aspects of it, taking care of nutrition, lowering the total body burden of toxins, lowering the total body burden of pathogens, and then optimizing the body for its dietary intake and dealing with stress. All of these other aspects. Obviously, today, we know enough to have everybody on a really good dietary program to deal with antioxidants, but chelating agents happen to be the most powerful antioxidant there is.

In other words, once you tie up the trace metals in the body that are excessively present with a chelating agent, you’ve dramatically lowered the level of free radical pathology. So I’m extremely optimistic about the therapies that we have. And, obviously, the facts are that at a certain age all of us start losing our hormonal levels, and so I do hormone replacement. I have people taking melatonin and DHEA, as well as applications of progesterone and testosterone. We have a natural hormone replacement for women today that’s extremely safe, that replaces all of the work that these people have done working with so-called herbal therapies that really never worked. For women with hot flashes, we now have found something in Northern Thailand that really works in the body like natural estrogen called Pueraria mirifica.

So we have to support the hormone levels in the body, but let’s look at how all this ties together. If you go to a lot of conferences on aging you’ll see many people talking about human growth hormone injections. Well, that’s interesting, but what was wrong with my pituitary gland that it stopped producing enough growth hormone? Why did it stop working? If we look at an autopsy study, in addition to seeing that the aorta has turned to stone, we’ll find that the pituitary gland-the master gland in the body-is an organ that has high content of cystine. Because cystine is a chelator, it has sucked in the mercury that’s been in your body. In other words, you don’t have the same level of mercury, lead, cadmium in each tissue of your body; certain tissues get uniquely poisoned.

Some of the them are poisoned because the tissue is infected, and that infection, very cleverly, helps hold on to toxic metals so that the body’s immune system doesn’t attack the infection. But in the case of the pituitary gland we have shown that it is extremely high in mercury, and when I do the chelation long enough, to lower the level of mercury, amazingly enough that patient’s human growth hormone levels start to go back to what they were at a much earlier age. So it all ties together, but I am having to do a lot of hormone replacement therapy anyway.

David: Is there anything we haven’t spoken about that you would like to add?

Dr. Gordon: I just want to really make it very clear that we live in a day and age of genetic testing. Just yesterday, after nine years of study, the Welcome Trust in England is finally going to start doing intensive gene tests on three thousand people-between ages forty-five and sixty-five-and follow them for the next twenty years. But we are already doing things. If you look at the literature, some of the reports will tell you that gene testing is five to ten years off. At this moment, we have over eleven hundred people using our autism-answer Web site, and they’re all patting each other on the back saying, Aren’t we lucky we found Dr. Gordon and Dr. Yasko? We’re doing the gene test on our kid after no one could help. We spent a hundred, two hundred thousand dollars and no one could get our child back to school. Our child couldn’t speak. She never said a word. We can take a fourteen year old child who has never said a word, and in six months have the child stand up and read a poem that he’s written. So it’s an exciting time that we live in. The answers are here. We don’t have to wait forever.

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