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Garry Gordon

let people know that the system they’re living under is absolutely not in their best interest. I have people taking chelation therapy, even though it’s not covered by insurance, and they say, well, at least if I have bypass surgery that will be covered-not realizing that they’ve walked into a blind trap, and they have a risk of dying on the table. They have a risk of huge complications, and no real proven long-term benefit. But they say, at least it’s proven medicine.

Well, it’s not proven by any standards because people don’t know how to read the research reports. If we took any new drug that gets approved today, and we really went through the data, many people would be shocked at what they saw. For example, when a research report says that a new drug is fifty percent more effective than the last drug, you’ll see that many times what they did is they simply administered a higher dose. They had more side-effects, and they increased the price times three. You have to read the damn report and see this. They are absolutely just robbing the American public, and the people who study this are well aware of it.

David: Why do you think it’s important for conventional Western medicine to be more open-minded about alternative medical treatments?
Dr. Gordon: The reason it’s important is because their patients are beginning to wake up, and their patients are saying, Doctor, isn’t there anything else? So that is the beginning of the revolution. When we put on conferences in homeopathy, nutrition, chelation, acupuncture, and body-mind medicine, many conventional doctors appear. When you ask them why they’re there, they say that their patients keep asking them, isn’t there something else? So it is the patients who are getting the doctors to want to actually learn what alternative and integrative medicine is all about. This is a consumer-driven revolution that we’re going to have.

David: Can you tell me why you think that chelation therapy is important, and what the primary differences between oral EDTA chelation and intravenous chelation are?

Dr. Gordon: The reason that chelation therapy is so important is because-from the moment we’re born-every man, woman, and child today has an average of a thousand times more lead in their bones than their ancestors. This is because the lead downloads from the mother. In fact, according to the top research in the United States, the best way for a woman to get rid of lead in her body is to have a baby, because the lead goes into the baby. So, from the moment you’re born, you have too much lead, mercury, and cadmium in your body. According to Archives of Internal Medicine, these metals are now proven to have adverse effects on your morbidity and mortality. It’s documented how the lower you keep your lead level throughout your life, the longer you live, and the less likely you are to get cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc.
So everybody today needs chelation. This is because we have polluted our Earth. Today the planet has so much lead that even if you’re raising grapes to make vinegar in Italy, the vinegar will have lead in it, because the soil has lead. There’s no place to escape. Every leaf, every blade of grass, is now provably coated with particulate matter, which comes from the burning of things like coal and is carried on the air. So, the oceans are loaded with mercury. There’s nothing you can eat that doesn’t have these things. So chelation is the only way you’re going to have optimal health-because these metals are poisons to the enzymes in your body that allow you make the some ten billion new cells you have to make every day, and the ability of our body to repair itself continuously is impeded when enzyme function is defeated.

So, to keep it really simple, the difference between I.V. and oral chelation is that oral is a little bit like washing your car. It’s a good idea and it looks pretty good. I.V. is a little bit like doing a simonize. It does a deeper cleansing, but not everybody can afford to simonize their car. So everybody needs to be doing the oral every day of their life. That way they’ll be keeping their body as clean as they can. What we’ve done is we’ve taken the oral EDTA and mixed it with other natural products that happen to look and function in the body the same as heparin.

I have replaced Coumadin and my patients don’t die of blood clots. 1.4 million people in the United States die each year from what they call a heart attack or stroke, but it’s really a blood clot. So, to me, oral chelation is absolutely my only way of assuring that my patients don’t show up in an emergency room with fatal hearts or fatal strokes. It’s been twenty years now, and we have yet to hear of the first person having a fatal heart or a fatal stroke while taking the oral program that I devised. But the intravenous chelation is a deeper cleansing, so one doesn’t replace the other.
The sad thing is that I was overly enthusiastic thirty years ago and I thought the intravenous chelation was actually reversing obstructive plaque on our arteries, taking away arteriosclerosis. It turns out that in some people it can reverse plaque, but many people still had an eighty or ninety percent blockage in their vessels. However, many of these people still find that their memory or vision improves, their sex life gets better, their feet get warmer, their blood pressure grows more normal, and they can suddenly run upstairs.

The reasons that we’ve restored health to them is much more tied to the concept of nitric oxide acting as an endothelial relaxing factor, which enhances blood flow through capillaries. This actually turns out to be more important than taking the plaque out of your artery, because now you’re profusing the tissue efficiently, and the lead inhibits nitric oxide synthases. Removing the lead improves the efficiency of nitric oxide, which helps to enhance blood flow and improve circulation. So pollution is one of the reasons that people have poor circulation.

Oral chelation does two things. It takes the lead out, and when it’s in the proper formulas that are available today, it replaces Coumadin, aspirin, or Plavix, which has recently been shown to be dangerous. Natural products are safer, but, unfortunately, people have to pay for natural products. It’s not going to be “covered” by the insurance. But we have the advantage that we don’t do what Coumadin does. Coumadin provably helps turn your blood vessel to bone. It actually is proven to do that. This means that you really have hard blood vessels, and the harder your blood vessels, the higher your blood pressure goes, and the sooner you’re going to die of a complication of vascular disease.

So the need for chelation is universal. We have to make it affordable, and nothing is as convenient as oral chelation. The oral can be as simple as EDTA, which is my favorite molecule. It’s four molecules of vinegar, and it has never been shown to cause any damage when taken, as long as long as there is a reasonable intake of good minerals with it. This is because EDTA is not so clever that it binds only to lead, mercury, and cadmium. It will also take out zinc. So you could have the embarrassing thing of somebody take a chelating agent, and not take a good multiple that has zinc, and aggravate the zinc deficiency that much of the American population has. That would not be in their best interest.

So with chelation we do have to do a constant good mineral input, but that’s important anyhow if you’re going to be healthy. Everybody needs to know that most people are not getting enough selenium. They’re not getting enough magnesium. Hardly anyone is getting enough vitamin D, enough vitamin B-6, enough vitamin C, etc. All these nutrients are not adequately present in our diets, so we have to supplement. After we have the supplements going in then people need to be on oral chelation daily from as early as possible. This way, we’ll have less infections in childhood. We’ll have less death and longer life spans.

The intravenous chelation is really wonderful, because it’s a deep cleansing. People who put off doing something about their health for years sometimes walk in my office, and it looks like we’re going to have to amputate their right foot, or they’re going to have to be placed in an old folk’s home, because they don’t remember their last name anymore. Then the deep cleansing of intravenous chelation can do things that you simply couldn’t rapidly enough do with oral chelation to get the patient out of their problem.

David: If EDTA is removing calcium, then how does it effect bone growth?

Dr. Gordon: The interesting thing is that when you take the disodium EDTA it actually stimulates bone growth. Disodium EDTA is the intravenous compound that I initially championed. What happens to people as they age is that their blood vessels provably turn to stone. Let’s give it a number. At age ten you have a certain amount of calcium in your aorta. At age eighty there will be a hundred and forty times more calcium in every person’s aorta.

So with disodium EDTA, you actually tie up the calcium that’s in the blood, so that the body thinks there’s a shortage of calcium, and it turns on the parathyroid hormone. The parathyroid hormone then mobilizes that calcium that has been building up in your artery. Provably, we can lower that content of calcium in your vascular tissue, and, amazingly enough, that same parathyroid hormone switch will make you turn on bone growth again. It’s a very exciting process. After all, we’re the only medical society with two practicing ninety-four year old members. They’ve had over two thousand intravenous treatments. They

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