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Bernie Siegel

will make you happy? She was always asking you to pay attention to what felt right for you. I often say to people, this is not about personal interest, this is about choices. It wasn’t, do what will be good for you and not other people. No. It was like, What job should I take? Where should I live? Well, what’ll make you happy? So you contributed to the world through your life, not through what was imposed on you.

The reason that I stress the spiritual dimension is because: He who seeks to save his life will lose it. You become the good girl again, the good kid, and you lose your life. Then when you’re willing to lose your life, you’ll save it. You lose your untrue self. I find those types of stories in every religion, where someone is willing to give his life to save others. See, that’s what we’re here for. These myths and fairy tales are everywhere to be found, and they’re teaching us the same thing. But most people never get the message until it’s too late to live it. So find your way of serving and loving now!

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