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Dean Radin - 2

already happened, and detect that it has, or had, or will be, changed. I don’t know how to articulate this very well, as words fail when talking about things that might occur outside of time, but there may be ways to turn perception into action. You can make things happen simply by virtue of perceiving, by starting from a passive state and turning it into something which actually occurs.

This is actually based on some real magickal techniques-where if you wish for something to occur, you don’t grunt and groan mentally to try to make it happen, you reconstruct the past in a way so that it becomes an inevitable outcome, even if it seems unlikely as a normal outcome. You rearrange the past. It’s almost as if you could step outside of time and can literally make anything happen by arranging things to all hold together in the right place at the right time. So something like that seems possible. We’re doing it all on micro-scale levels, but never-the-less we can see that in principle, it looks like something like that may be possible.

Here’s an example. The last experiment I did at UNLV was a study on distant healing. There have been many studies looking at distant healing through space, so I wasn’t too interested in that anymore. I was interested in distant healing through time. Because, for relativistic reasons, if you can heal someone at a distance, completely unbounded by space, then you can probably also heal through time.  For this study I also wanted to use healers in a culture thatsupports the idea of distant healing.

So the way that we set this up was like this: I had some Brazilian friends  find some Umbanda mediums, who are spiritualistic type healers in Brazil. The mediums did the healing from Brazil, while the subjects were in my lab in Nevada. So there’s six thousand miles of separation.  When you do this kind of distant healing study normally you do it in time-sync, so that you’re looking at the subjects in the lab at the same time that sending is taking place at a distance.

But I figured that that sort of test has been done already, and I didn’t feel like doing it again. So I thought that instead we’d do it with a time displacement. So in June I brought twenty-one people into the lab. I had them sit down for twenty minutes, recorded their physiology, one at a time, and then they went home. The next month I sent all the data down to my colleagues in Brazil, and they had a computer program where the Umbanda medium could see the person’s picture presented for a minute, and then the picture would go away. It would come back again, randomly on and off, for about twenty minutes. So it would be randomly on a total often minutes and off ten minutes, and the medium’s task was to send healing thoughts when they saw the person’s image appear, and to disengage their healing intention when the person’s image disappeared.

Of course, the other thing is that when they’re sending they had to realize that the pictures were taken the previous month, on a particular day and at a particular place. So they were instructed to focus their healing thoughts backwards in time for that person, at that time.  The interesting thing is that in the United States would say, huh?  How can do you that.  But in the Umbandan’s worldview they said, “oh, okay, no problem.” (laughter) In their clairvoyant condition they experience the flow of time, past present and future, as all mushed together anyway, so for them this concept of healing backwards in time is natural.

So imagine these mediums in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a computer in front of them, sitting on an altar, with candles all around them. It must have looked rather strange. The other unusual aspect of this study was that the head of the Umbanda temple asked the mediums who were not currently involved in a healing session to pray for the success of the experiment, so as  to encourage the best possible outcome.  I thought that was a nice touch.
At the end of the healing sessions, my colleagues sent me the sequence in which the mediums’ healing sessions took place. That is, for each session they sent the order, randomly created by the computer, in which the mediums sent healing intention or relaxed.  So now, about a month after the mediums finished doing their thing, and two months after I had recorded the subjects’ physiology in my lab, I had everything I needed to see if healing thoughts in the future could affect the past.

What I hoped to find is that there was a significant difference in the subjects’ physiological condition when the Umbanda mediums’ healing thoughts were directed at them, versus periods of equal length when no thoughts were directed. And that’s what I found. Statistically it wasn’t a whopping effect, it was like a probability of .01. But that means odds were 100 to 1 against chance of seeing as large a

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