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Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

synthesis of musical textures.

As the example of the dolphin’s ultrasonic communication teaches us, you can remake the form if you have its sound. So, out of the currents and colors of the music I paint to comes the form through my translation. The sound I make is dolphin-like and tunes me in mantra-like to the unknown, carrying back images like a dolphin’s sonar.

DJB: You’ve refrained from imposing a kind of internal structure onto the natural flow?

CAROLYN: It’s more like I become the empty canvas, empty mind, and in becoming one with the atomic energies that be, these energies, this consciousness, uses my nervous system for its translation. Rather like an Aeolian harp being brought to sound by the winds.

DJB: It seems like a musical instrument, your body or nervous system?

CAROLYN: True, an instrument that lets itself be played by nature, but it isn’t that I’m not guiding. I’m very much in charge of what I’m doing. But I’m also completely not in charge. It’s like all the opposites are happening-because that’s the only way you can get perfect balance, meaning the balancing of opposites. I wear ballet slippers when I paint. At an early age I was a prima ballerina, so I was always involved with balance.

As in our living, we must be the navigator of our energies, the balancers of the flow of atomic information. As a conductor I stand above my paintings and work as the skies and winds as a torch of current. I dance and leap about quite unconsciously, letting us form each other, the work and I, as one. Thus, in the inherent order of my particular integration, consciousness, the gossamer order, underlies the freedom of chaos.

DJB: Because you are unique, your works have their unusual originality

CAROLYN: Thank you. Originality has its origin in its freedom and the only way true liberation is possible, is through inherent order. So I am spinning and weaving my thoughts constantly into my art, into order. The bliss of inventing keeps me in tune.

DJB: Yes, being a musical instrument is a beautiful metaphor for the process of creative expression.

CAROLYN: Also, it is a unique circulation, a poetic metabolism. I’ve noticed the imagination has beautiful sounds when in tune; it hums. The metabolic intensity of creating is hypnotic, like an unfurling chant, chord in accord.

I once experienced my body as being a nanotechnological factory in which I heard the buzzing and repairing of my system. Atomic elves regenerating all my parts.

DJB: So your work expresses, through poetic metaphor, atomic life?

CAROLYN: Yes, the language of poetic symbolism is multi-faceted, offering a kaleidoscopic view of life that is ever moving in possible perception. It is connected to a deep comprehension of the question of reality, not limited in the linear, or one-reality concepts. You can see from this overview the theater of our existence, its pageantry of absurdity. There is the cosmic eye with all its

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