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Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

people in reproduction. A certain amount of this is obviously an ingredient of evolution, but at this point in history we can see that a total regeneration of inner, thus outer values is necessary for all of our survival. The exploitation, the murderous lies of our leaders, must be recognized, and the individual must reclaim their rights to harmony. Everything that’s going on outside is also within us. It’s up to us to navigate our forces, unify to a greater harmony. The collective is only as great as its every individual.

DJB: The idea being that the more people that do it, the easier it is for other people to do it. It creates a stronger field, and then there’s more of a resonance?

CAROLYN: Yes, for instance, once an athletic record is broken, then it’s psychologically easier for others to do the same. The resonance is in the expanded consciousness.

DJB: And you think part of the problem is that the bureaucratic systems discourage people from living their highest integrity?

CAROLYN: The word integrity has been lost to a dysfunctional fragmentation. The comprehensive whole has become disconnected, schizoid. There is no prominent ethical reality in our society to serve as a model for a healthy way of being. I consider it truly pathetic that the leaders chosen by the people are the most aggressive, vicious and deceitful of the population. This shows we are on a bare survival, fear level and choose the most murderous dogs to defend us. The people have to think differently and demand a voice that gives them their basic rights to a healthy existence. They must not agree to having their hard-earned money used for defense instead of progress.

As Einstein said, the problem is the way we think. I think everyone has been constricted by a non-culture that is dollar-crazed, where the churches have been replaced by the banks. People are enslaved by their fears, by the stress that they’re under financially. You know, I’d like to see everybody in America all stand up together demanding to have a voice, right on their tax form; as to how their money is spent. The most humiliating thing the government does is to levy a tax so hard on the people that they have to work everyday under stress, and then their money is used to build systems that kill them.

So, here you have an example of what I was speaking of earlier. If you take the individuals’ rights away, you make them completely dependent on you. Once people submit to having their birthright, their individual rights, taken away, they’ve sacrificed themselves to a system that swallows their integrity. That’s the end of them, because they’ve lost their capacity to grow as individuals beyond that social survival level of existence, and that’s not where anyone’s ever going to find fulfillment. Out of the relentless need for exterior power and exploitation can only come the damaging imbalance of needs and greeds.

DJB: Do you foresee a major change coming along soon?

CAROLYN: Well, I think that generally everything happens very gradually, just like Nature. But Nature also can do some very extreme things that are the opposite of gradual. An asteroid or comet could crash into Earth, for example, and there would be instant evolution, in a direction that we may not recognize!

DJB: Without warning there are earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and genetic mutations. Things happen all of a sudden sometimes.

CAROLYN: I think that the earth is, as we are, a transforming entity. We are planets unto ourselves, the same as the earth.

DJB: Planets are really people?

CAROLYN: Planets are really people. They have transformations, they go through illnesses, and everything just like we do, on every level. Right now this planet is in a health crisis, and it will do whatever it has to in order to move to the next stage. So I think that there will an increase in natural and peculiar physical disasters, including increased volcanism, or at any moment we could be hit by asteroids from outer space.

DJB: Wow. You really think that something like that could happen?

CAROLYN: Well, anything is possible with Nature. Its design in undesign goes beyond our localized conceptions.

DJB: In the way that we’re like cells in a larger body, planets are also like cells in a larger body, and our planet is sending out SOS signals?

CAROLYN: Yes, every atom in every universe is in response from another alchemical stage of transformation. We are part of an expanding intergalactic system and what the interplay of ail this will mean is very complex and speculative. I see it as in our molecular biology, where different enzyme combinations

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