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Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

clarity and humor. In my drawings, I have a character called “the Witness of the More.” This is the self-referencing director who sifts out the superfluous in the editingroom of one’s consciousness.

There are some of us who live in the imagination, in the crown of the

Universal consciousness. There are others essential to the industry, the mechanical. Unfortunately most people have become enslaved by the rusty mechanics of our times, the stale and massively re-broadcast thoughts, and operate as robotized ants.

DJB: Slaves?

CAROLYN: Yes, liberation requires people to wake up, see the illness of their planet, of themselves, their leaders, and rise to a higher more conscious integration. Through abrasion there is refinement. So the brave, the bold, the adventurers will put themselves out there, and invent these possibilities for higher existence. Like being a diamond or crystal through their strength of vision, their capacity to see through life, they illuminate the genes of life’s potential, the ideals of themselves. Since this planet is in a crisis stage, it will call on its healthiest instruments to bring it to its next stage of evolution. Of course this is all happening in integration with an ever-expanding intergallactic system.

Remember, every atom of our consciousness is being involuntarily mirrored throughout space. That’s why each individual is so important; if they are living from their highest potential, it is automatically transmitted, radiated. Today we must replace the “arms race” with a “race to hold hands.” Atomically speaking, we are anyway, even though our defenses block the natural harmony of really holding hands.

DJB: What do you foresee happening to the evolution of human consciousness in the future? Where is the human race going in terms of how it’s evolving in say ten years or fifty years?

CAROLYN: I saw a small waterfall of sand sifting down from a huge sand dune at the beach the other day. I thought about the fact that it took all of time for that one movement to happen just the way it did.

If we can move out of our “survival mode” and put our resources, imagination and money into medical science and technology, we could hold immortal life sooner than we might think. Nature already does it, and through nanotechnology we can.

DJB: What effect do you think immortal physical bodies would have on the evolution of consciousness?

CAROLYN: We could evolve beyond our constant preparation for death. This could liberate people from many of the exploitative emotions. In the prose book I’m writing, that’s what I write about-the dimension that doesn’t have to have death for life to exist.

DJB: So your latest book is about going beyond physical limitations?

CAROLYN: Yes, it’s architecture for a new philosophy, a new way of thinking: a spiritual technology which, hopefully, will manifest in our scientific advancements.

DJB: Spirituality. What does the word spiritual mean to you?

CAROLYN: It means to go beyond the limited, physical conception of oneself, one’s personality, to unify with the greater order. This requires shedding the many superficial needs, desires and myriad other ego-enslavements. It also means having a reverence for life, a passion that takes you beyond the limits of self-imposed “will-power” into a space that is effortless and yet animated by the greater forces that be, that are within each of us.

It takes giving oneself the time and space to recreate one’s life and self. It requires much re-structuring to eventually regain the essential simplicity. When you are living in your unconditioned being, in the rhythms of your Tao, life becomes a surfing of reality, of the waves and cycles of the infinite seasons. It is action through non-action. The circles of our cycles bring us back to a beginning that makes everything possible, where again imagination may ride the crest of our highest potential.

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