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Candace B. Pert

you’ve been able to accomplish.

Candace: Yeah, but it’s exhausting and weird. Like this broken arm thing is weird. It really slowed me down. I think I was vibrating too fast, and I was about to fly off (laughter)

David:   Do you mean off the ski slopes or off the planet? (laughter) My friend John Lilly used to warn me about the dangers of evolving too quickly. He said that I had to be careful not evolve too much faster than the evolutionary speed limit, or I might get busted by the evolution cops.

Candace: Oh that’s interesting. It’s like you can’t go too fast. Simmer down here.

David:   John Lilly was big fan of your work. That’s how I first found out about you actually. He used to talk about you a lot.

Candace: I have pictures of him and me. He came to the National Cathedral. He was wonderful. God, that’s such a shame when people have to die. I’ve had people close to me die, and sometimes I think there are some amazing communications and synchronicities, where you think that they are trying to communicate, or some aspect of what has survived is coming back. There’s some amazing stories, with things like doors slamming. I’ve had a few things happen at funerals. I’ve been through quite a few funerals in the last few years, and have seen things like leaves swirling at critical moments in the burial ceremony. There’s stuff that seems kind of amazing. (laughter)

David:   Yeah, it definitely seems like there’s much more going on than conventional understanding would lead us to believe.

Candace: Right. I was just thinking about blending the new paradigm perspective and straight science, and the two and melding the two. It’s almost like my ongoing, I hate to call it a struggle-but it’s getting easier I think.

David:   Do you think that’s because there’s more receptivity to it now in conventional science?

Candace: I don’t know. But no, I never cared about what other people thought. That’s never been my thing. In fact, as part of my transformation, I’ve had to learn to be sensitive to what other people think. But it’s like talking out of both sides of your mouth. The new paradigm is so different from the left-brain way that I was raised. It’s just been personally difficult to go both ways at once.

David:   When you say the new paradigm, you mean the idea that consciousness creates reality, rather than vice versa.

Candace: Yeah, that whole idea. Right. But I think that the new neurons-neurogenesis-is the key to this, which could be why people are resisting it so much. (laughter)

David:   Is there anything that we haven’t spoke that you would like to add?

Candace: I’m getting up in years-oh, I’m not that old, and hopefully I’ll work things out and live really old. My ancestors all lived pretty old. But now the challenge is how do I take what I’ve experienced, and boil it down into something that I could give to other people. This is all great and inspiring, and I’m like this just weird person out there, but how do I create something that could actually help people-and I mean people who are not Ph.D.’s in neuropharmacology. 

So I’m very excited about this new project that I’m working on right now. It’s actually going to start to come into reality a lot this week-like starting on Friday. What I’ve come up with is this-I’m producing my own CD. The CD is going to be a

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