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Aharon and Amalia Barnea 
Albert Hofmann, Ph.D 
Alex Grey 
Alex Grey – 2 
Alexander and Ann Shulgin 
Allen Ginsberg 
Andrew Weil 
Annie Sprinkle 
Antioxidants Extend Life 
Arlen Riley Wilson 
Art and Psychedelics 
Aubrey de Grey 
Barry Sears 
Bernie Siegel 
Bruce Sterling 
Candace B. Pert 
Carolyn Mary Kleefeld 
Charles Tart, Ph.D. 
Clifford Pickover 
Colin Wilson 
Dan Baum 
Daniel Siebert 
David Jay Brown 
Dean Radin 
Dean Radin – 2 
Deepak Chopra 
Dennis McKenna, Ph.D. 
Douglas Rushkoff 
Dr. Motoji Ikeya 
Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw 
Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw – 2 
Edgar Dean Mitchell 
Elizabeth Gips 
Etho-Geological Forecasting 
Etho-Geological Forecasting 
Eugene Roberts Ph.D. 
Fakir Musafar 
Francis Jeffrey 
Garry Gordon 
George Carlin 
Hans Moravec 
Hans Moravec – 2 
Hydergine and Albert Hofmann 
Jack Kevorkian 
Jacob Teitelbaum 
James Berkland 
James Ketchum, M.D. 
Jaron Lanier 
Jean Houston 
Jeff McBride 
Jeremy Narby 
Jerry Garcia 
Jill Purce 
John Allen 
John C. Lilly 
John E. Mack – 2 
John Guerin 
John Mack 
John Morgenthaler 
John Robbins 
Jonathan Wright 
Joseph Knoll 
Julia Butterfly Hill 
Kary Mullis 
Kary Mullis – 2 
Larry Dossey 
Laura Huxley 
Leonard Hayflick, Ph.D. 
Marija Gimbutas 
Marios Kyriazis 
Marsha Adams 
Mati Klarwein 
Matthew Fox 
Michael Fossel, Ph.D., M.D. 
Michael West 
Motoji Ikeya 
Nick Herbert 
Nina Graboi 
Noam Chomsky 
Oscar Janiger 
Paul Krassner 
Penny Slinger 
Peter Duesberg 
Peter McWilliams 
Peter Russell 
Pregnenolone and Psoriasis 
Ralph Abraham 
Ram Dass 
Ram Dass – 2 
Ram Dass – 3 
Raphael Mechoulam 
Ray Kurzweil 
Ray Kurzweil – 2 
Reverend Ivan Stang 
Riane Eisler and David Loye 
Rick Strassman 
Robert Anton Wilson 
Robert Anton Wilson – 2 
Robert Trivers 
Robert Williams 
Robert Williams 
Roland Griffiths, Ph.D. 
Rosemary Woodruff Leary 
Rupert Sheldrake 
Rupert Sheldrake – 2 
Secrets of Caloric Restriction 
Sex and Cabergoline 
Sex and Cialis 
Sex and Damiana 
Sex and Deprenyl 
Sex and DHEA 
Sex and L-arginine 
Sex and Pheromones 
Sex and Salvia divinorum 
Sex and Tribulus 
Sex and Uprima 
Sex and Yohimbe 
Simon Posford 
Stanislav Grof. M.D., Ph.D. 
Stephen La Berge 
Terence K. McKenna 
Theories of Aging 
Timothy Leary 
Timothy Leary – 2 
Understanding Sex on Viagra 
Valerie Corral 
Valerie Corral – 2 
William Irwin Thompson 
William Kautz 
William Regelson 

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Here you will find the home of  thought-provoking interviews by David Jay Brown with the leading-edge thinkers about the evolution of consciousness, psychedelics, health, unexplained phenomena, and the future evolution of the human species. This is a labor of love. We hope you love it too.

About David Jay Brown


David J. Brown

David Jay Brown is the author of Over the Edge of the Mind: Exploring the Interface of Psychedelics, Culture and Consciousness, to be published by Inner Traditions in 2012.  He is also the coauthor of four bestselling volumes of interviews with leading-edge thinkers,Mavericks of the MindVoices from the Edge, Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse, and Mavericks of Medicine. David is also the author of two science fiction novels, Brainchild and Virus, and is the coauthor of the health science book Detox with Oral Chelation. He holds a master’s degree in psychobiology from New York University, and was responsible for the California-based research in two of British biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s books on unexplained phenomena in science: Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home and The Sense of Being Stared At. David’s work has appeared in numerous magazines, including WiredDiscover, and Scientific American, and he is periodically the Guest Editor of the MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) Bulletin. David writes a popular biweekly column for Patch.com called “Catch the Buzz,” about cannabis and psychedelic culture in Northern California, and in 2011 he was voted “Best Writer” in the annual Good Times “Best of Santa Cruz” poll. His news stories have been picked up by The Huffington Post and CBS News.


Jerry Garcia

“This is a fine collection of original thinkers, an important national resource. Everyone who wants to stay current with information from the outer perimeters of consciousness exploration should read it.”

Douglas Rushkoff

Author of Cyberia, Media Virus and Playing the Future

“Wow! A one-stop shop of the greatest minds in cyberspace, or any other space for that matter. I could spend days in here, gaining insights from my favorite thought warriors, or discovering others I really should have known about all along.”

Robert Anton Wilson

Co-author of the Illuminatus! trilogy and author of Prometheus Rising

“Some of the most important thinkers of our time speak in their own words to two brilliant interviewers. Anyone aspiring to understand the new millenium we are entering will have to read this book. Every page explodes like an intellectual firecracker. A first rate job!”

Many other reviews

Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy and publisher of Brain-Mind

“A provocative collection indeed!”

R.U. Sirius, editor Mondo 2000

“In print or on the web, David Jay Brown supplies the right combination of thought and information. Frequently useful, always interesting…”

Magical Blend Magazine

“In this, (Voices From the Edge) their second compilation of interviews, David Jay Brown and Rebecca McClen Novick once again display the chemistry that has made the team a favorite with Magical Blend editors and readers alike… What sets the work of this gifted team of interviewers apart from the crowd is, first of all, their choice of subjects, and second, the unique alchemy of their own interaction… As interviewers, Brown and Novick are often as radical as their subjects. Rather than just ask questions, they insert their own favorite causes into the interview, often steering their subjects into areas they have not previously ventured. Part of the joy of this book is watching the team of Novick and Brown volley their own ideas and insights off their larger-than-life subjects and seeing which ideas land where. This provides an entertaining continuity to an otherwise diverse group of interviews. For a radical and highly readable reinterpretation of what genius means in the nineties, you can’t do better than Voices from the Edge.”

John Allen, Co-Founder and Director of Biosphere 2

“… a winner. It’s got punch, rhythm, verve … brilliantly conceived and executed, forming perhaps the best possible connection of the past thirty-five years of cultural transformation. It opens the road to the starmakers-to all who intelligently dare.”

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, and co-author of Personal Mythology and Spiritual Dimensions of Healing

“… a provocative collection of interviews with some of the most challenging thinkers in the Western world. Their statements may cajole you, infuriate you, or inspire you, but they will never bore you! Together, these interviews give the reader an uncanny glimpse as to the way that our reality may be heading.”

Jaron Lanier, Virtual Reality pioneer, musician, and founder of VPL

“The great test of youthful ideas must be in how well they age and regenerate for future generations. In this volume two young people interview many of the outrageous luminaries of the 20th century Western ecstatic mystic community. This book provides evidence that a new flavor of spiritual tradition, completely compatible with science and technology, is being passed from one generation to the next. I feel this is a most vital project, and that it has been beautifully executed.”

Alex Grey, artist and author of Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey

“What distinguishes these ‘voices from the edge” is their passionate self-actualization and their profound and strange contributions to our culture. Give a listen.”

…and more and more and more!

“When it was first published, Mavericks of the Mind was more than a  breath of fresh air — it was a hurricane of ideas and visions  perfectly tuned to the time. This 21st century expansion pack will  ensure that these maverick spirits-many of whom have now passed on- will continue to channel the mindscape beyond the bend.”

-Erik Davis, author of Nomad Codes: Adventures in Modern Esoterica
“Speaking as a professional interviewer myself, I can tell you that whenever you are lucky enough to have access to a really fine mind, you want to make sure that you’re on your “A game.” David Jay Brown and Rebecca McClen Novick are uniquely well-suited to draw out the very best from their subjects, and Mavericks of the Mind represents the finest collection of difficult thoughts and brilliant thinkers you can find between two covers. It’s a modern classic.”
-Richard Metzger, host of the television show Disinformation,  and author of Disinformation: The Interviews.

“People who ask great questions and listen well are my heroes. And when they pose great questions and listen well to the greatest geniuses on the planet, and those geniuses respond with extravagant brilliance, they’re heroes who make my brain ecstatic. DavidJay Brown and Rebecca McClen Novick are heroes like that.”
-Rob Brezsny, Free Will Astrology columnist, and author of The Televisionary Oracle. 

Youtubes and Video Presence

Master interviewer, writer and consciousness explorer, David Jay Brown, is known for asking the “big questions”, but in this interview Mel Van Dusen gets to ask David some of these big questions.
David Jay Brown talks about the expanded issue of his book of interviews Mavericks of the Mind, and about his friendship with Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake.

David Jay Brown talks about the expanded issue of his book, Mavericks of the Mind, and about his friendship with Robert Anton Wilson and Timothy Leary.