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I enjoyed speaking with Dr. Paul Wehrum, Sr., a physician in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, who has a clinical focus in weight management. His comments about 5-HTP and weight loss were,
“I do a lot of work with weight reduction. In fact, my practice is limited to weight control. We had a lot of patients on fen-phen, and they all did very well, but it was taken off the market. I continue to use phentermine or Adipex®, and that works. It’s been on the market for probably 30 years, and it’s probably the safest, but unfortunately, it’s only mildly effective. So in order to enhance its effectiveness I use 5-HTP in an effort to raise serotonin levels. And, I would say, I’ve had modest improvements. All of the patients who take it, like it.”


Dr. Dennis Sievers, a chiropractor in Fairfax, Virginia, recommends 5-HTP for his patients for a myriad of problems and has exceptional success for patients suffering from fibromyalgia. He relates,
“Basically we use 5-HTP with people who complain about insomnia, sleep disorders, and depression.

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