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the 5-HTP.”


Speaking at length with Dr. Tim Tupper, a chiropractor in Santa Barbara, California, I learned he uses 5-HTP for a variety of problems with his patients. He states,
“I use 5-HTP for a number of things, but the most common thing is for sleep, for people who have insomnia. I would say that for at least 80% of them it works really well. It’s only occasionally that it doesn’t work. The other thing I use it for is appetite control - especially for people who crave refined carbohydrates, such as sugars and chocolate. It’s great for chocoholics. It really, really helps curb those cravings. And the success I’ve had with that is almost 100%. It’s quite amazing how effective it is for that.

“I also use 5-HTP for depression.

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