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But I’ve been taking notes on the people who have been taking it, and I haven’t had any unfavorable reports back to me yet. It’s just that I think it is non-toxic, and the results have been favorable so far.”


Dr. Dale Guyer, M.D., a physician in Indianapolis, Indiana, recommends 5-HTP for his patients for assorted problems, stating,
“I’ve used 5-HTP for a variety of things. When it first became available we used it a lot in the place of tryptophan, which is a little more difficult to come by, at least until it became available at compounding pharmacies. I’ve used5-HTP for sleep problems and a lot for depression. I’ve also used it a lot for fibromyalgia. I’ve had some select individuals for whom it’s been helpful for weight loss, generally in a little bit higher doses. But I wouldn’t say that’s a real high percentage, maybe 20%. Chronic pain disorders sometimes are helped by 5-HTP.

“But very rarely in my practice do I use just one therapy. I usually combine things to get a synergistic effect. So it’s a little bit difficult to tell you how much is related just to the 5-HTP. For example, on some of the sleep cases I’ve had

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